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'n Lewe Met

Popular Medihelp mental health talk show returns to kykNET

The second series of the popular kykNET talk show “’n Lewe met” kicks off on 18 October 2011, with the first of 13 new episodes that tell the true stories of people who struggle with various mental health conditions every day.

As with the first series, a guest will be in studio every week to share his or her personal experiences of a specific condition with the viewers and the programme anchor, Ruda Landman. Landman will be assisted by Dr Franco Colin, who will discuss each condition from a clinical perspective – including the effect it has on family and friends.

The content of kykNET’s talk show is based on Medihelp Medical Scheme’s DVD series entitled “Living with”. This series looks at conditions such as bipolar mood disorder, panic disorder and alcoholism, among others.

“‘n Lewe met” will be broadcast every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. with repeats on Wednesdays (3 p.m.), Thursdays (1 a.m.) and Saturdays (10.30 p.m.). The kykNET schedule is as follows:


Ruda Landman

Ruda Landman started her career in 1977 as a newspaper journalist, after which she also worked in the magazine and broadcasting sectors, amongst others as a newsreader on TV, before she was appointed as co-presenter of Netwerk, South Africa’s first live actuality programme on TV, in 1985. But her most notable ground-breaking work was done for Carte Blanche, where she worked as a presenter from August 1988 to 2007. Ruda is currently a director of the media group Media 24 and serves on the board of Helpmekaar, a private school in Johannesburg. Ruda presented the talk show “‘n Lewe met” on TV in 2010, about people who are living with particular mental health conditions. She will return to the small screen in 2011 to present a new series of 13 episodes in the second season of “‘n Lewe met” with psychiatrist Dr Franco Colin.

Dr Franco Colin MB ChB M Med (Psych) (Pret)

Dr Colin is a psychiatrist in private practice in Pretoria. He is also a consultant at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pretoria and has a special interest in the treatment of bipolar mood disorder. He regularly presents lectures in medical pedagogy. During 2009, Dr Colin was involved with a series of documentary programmes entitled “Living with” about mental health and the people who are living with mental disorders. The series was produced by Medihelp and Sonneblom Films. In 2010, kykNET commissioned the adaptation of the series for the “’n Lewe met” talk show. Dr Colin appeared in every episode as an expert studio guest.
Dr Colin will be back to present the next series of “’n Lewe met” with Ruda Landman in 2011.

1 Grensoorlog Episode Information 18 October 2011
2 Outisme Episode Information 25 October 2011
3 Asperger se sindroomEpisode Information 1 November 2011
4 AandagtekortversteuringEpisode Information 8 November 2011
5 FobiesEpisode Information 15 November 2011
6 Bipolêre gemoedsversteuring IIEpisode Information 22 November 2011
7 MedisyneverslawingEpisode Information 29 November 2011
8 Seksuele molesteringEpisode Information 6 December 2011
9 DaggamisbruikEpisode Information 13 December 2011
10 Post Partum-depressieEpisode Information 20 December 2011
11 BulimieEpisode Information 27 December 2011
12 AnoreksieEpisode Information 3 January 2012
13 WapengeweldEpisode Information 10 January 2012

The kykNET series, like Medihelp’s DVD series, was produced in collaboration with Katinka Heyns of Sonneblom Films. Visit or for more information on the series or to order a “Living with” DVD.

Other Titles in the Series:

ADHD | Alchoholism | Bipolar Disorder | Dementia | Down Syndrome | Drug Abuse | Major Depression | OCD
Panic Disorder | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Schizophrenia | Social Phobia TIK Abuse