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BIPOLAR DISORDER A documentary about Simon Barnard, and his affliction with bipolar disorder.

More on the DVD "Living with Bipolar Disorder"

"Living with Bipolar Disorder" is a documentary about a young film director, 26-year-old Simon Barnard, and his affliction with bipolar disorder.

It sets out to explain the fundamentals of a potentially life-threatening mental condition that most people know and understand very little about.

This short film offers an honest, intimate and often graphic documentary account of a young life interrupted by a condition affecting an estimated 1% of our population.

I thought my life was over

More on bipolar mood disorder

Bipolar mood disorder is one of a group of mood disorders that include manic episodes, depressed episodes, and mixed episodes. These are the most common of all mental disorders, mainly because of the prevalence (occurrence rate) of depression. Let’s clarify these terms:

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