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TIK ABUSE Recovering addict Ameer Solomons takes us into a world where Tik abuse seems a normal part of life.

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"I started using Tik at the age of eight, and by age 16 my lungs gave in and I couldn't breathe or do anything for myself." In “Living with Tik Abuse”, recovering addict Ameer Solomons takes us into a world where Tik abuse seems a normal part of life.

Known as the scourge of our times, addiction to Tik has devastated many young lives, permanently affecting the brain even after the abuse has stopped. Ameer Solomons shares his story of how he and his family have managed to reclaim their lives and how he is now dedicating his life to helping others who abuse Tik.

It was supposed to make me popular

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Tik is one of the fastest growing drugs in South Africa and has even been "marketed" as an easy way to lose weight – making it attractive to non-typical drug users as well. Tik is a neurotoxin that is manufactured in illegal labs – such as kitchens and garages – using ingredients easily bought in supermarkets. Over-the-counter cold medicines and other ingredients which may often include toxic substances such as anti-freeze, are "cooked" in meth labs to make methamphetamine. Tolerance to the drug develops quickly and addicts constantly need more of the drug more often to feel any relief.

Tik is often seen as a drug that will improve your looks, help get you in shape, and make you popular – but the reality is that Tik ravishes the body and controls the mind. Addicts become gaunt, unkempt, they have sunken eyes, wounds on the skin, and sores in and around the mouth. A person addicted to Tik will give up everything to get hold of the drug in order to reach their high – they will lie, cheat, or steal to get more of the drug.

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